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Q: When is Sea Sunday?

A: Sea Sunday is always celebrated on the second Sunday of July each year. 
Q:Do I have to celebrate Sea Sunday on it’s official date?
A: No. The day is set down by the Bishops Conference’s of Scotland, England & Wales. However if your parish cannot celebrate on this date we appreciate you making the effort to celebrate on another day and to support seafarers when you can. 
Q: Why is Sea Sunday so important?
A: Sea Sunday is a chance for us all to pray for and remember seafarers, their families and those who support them. The second collection held on this day through parishes is also vital as it brings in about half of our income and allow us to continue our vital work with seafarers. We rely on this collection and your generosity.
Q: Why should we send our Parish collection directly to you?
A: It helps us to have your individual collections sent through to us directly so we can track each gift to your parish and thank you accordingly. Often, if collections go via a diocese they are grouped together and we have no idea of which parish gave what and so we cannot thank you individually. 
Q: Why are Gift Aid envelopes important?
A: Gift Aid envelopes are important because the information on them means we can claim 25p back in every pound from the government at no cost to the donor. This makes a huge difference to our income.
Q: Why is your information about my parish wrong?
A: We do our best to merge information given to us from parishes and the Catholic Directory to ensure we get the right information such as addresses for parishes. However clergy movement, parish mergers and the sad closure of many parishes means this information is constantly changing, and sometimes we do not have the most up to date information.