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Warm welcome at Cape Town

04th September 2017

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) Cape Town port chaplain Fr Gerardo Garcia offered a warm welcome to seafarers from three ships recently.
              The first ship Pacific Diligence was an offshore supply vessel with 16 crew members in total (10 from the Philippines, one Croatian, three Brits and a New Zealander. The second vessel, Victor G, was also an offshore supply vessel with seven Filipno crew members. And the third ship, a fishing vessel, Kaiho Maru 68 were crewed by eight Filipinos, seven Vietnamese and a Japanese. 
              Fr Gerardo distributed Rosaries and leaflets, all of which were gratefully received, but most of all they were glad to receive a warm welcome and to have a conversation with someone other than their colleagues at sea. 
              A great example of a ministry of 'little things' that make a huge difference.
Fr Gerardo AoS Cape Town with crew of a ship
Fr Gerardo visits seafarers at Cape Town