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Ship Visiting Nuns

02nd April 2019

We warmly welcome two new ship visitors to AoS in Cape Town South Africa, Sr Akiko and Sr Vimala from the congregation of The Little Sisters of Jesus. 
             They regularly join AoS South Africa National Director Nicholas Barends on his ship visits in Cape Town. Sr Akikio, from Japan, and Sr Vimala, from India, say they are thrilled to join AoS’ ministry.
              “Seeing is believing," the Sisters say. “We hear about seafarers a lot – about their difficult working conditions, the risks of working out at sea, being away from home for months, sometimes years...it is an eye-opening experience for us to meet them.”
Srs Akiko and Vimala ship visiting in Cape Town              
              Sr Akiko and Sr Vimala add, "The verse Matthew 25:35 says, ‘When I was a stranger, you welcomed me’. Seafarers are strangers in a strange country. To meet them and tell them that we are here to welcome them, to help them during their stay with us is very encouraging for them. It is also a mutual sharing of hope and joy.” 
              Nicholas said, “I have been a friend to The Little Sisters of Jesus for many years and visit them regularly. They were curious about my work with AoS, so I invited them to visit the port and see for themselves. That’s how it all started for Sr Akiko and Sr Vimala.” 
              No doubt seafarers will be seeing more of the Sisters in port and benefit from their support and care.

Srs Akiko and Vimala ship visiting in Cape Town